Mike Day 20 Moving Forward: EUREKA!

June 16, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

Mike woke up, hopped out of bed, headed to the bathroom.  He came out looking for what I inferred to be the towel and  wash cloth as he mimed washing he face.  He informed me he was planning to wash and brush his teeth.  I gave it to him…he washed his face dry.  There was no convincing him that it was dry and he still needed to do it in the bathroom.  I asked him what was next?  He told me getting dressed.  He picked up his clothes and began to dress.  He declined assistance.  The shirt was being put on collar first (a pullover…so I gave a correction suggestion to the aspect of the shirt) but he did get the shirt on.  I asked if he wanted slippers or sock and shoes.  Shoes he said. I told him where to find socks and his shoes and off he went.  Got them, got them on and then I suggested tooth brushing.  In he went…he washed first, seemed a bit lost as to where to find the brush so I had to call in directions to him as to where to find it.  We had to resolve that hand cream was not the toothpaste…but I was able to describe what he was looking for and he read the words to check it was right.  He brushed his teeth.  Next I suggested he look in the mirror to see if he was ready for the day.   He thought he was done, looking fine.  I asked if he combed his hair…even though it looked fine bc he has lost so much…and he said no.  I asked if he should and off he went to the bathroom to comb his hair.  Got out the comb, looked to me to see if it was ok and proceeded to comb his hair. He asked where to put the comb and I told him back in the medicine chest on the bottom shelf, off it went, lights off, bathroom closed…grooming done!

For the first time since Feb 18, Mike has purposefully initiated self care activities and did it without my suggestion he should or my even being in the bathroom.  This is a huge step forward.  Huge.  Mike, you are positively brilliant!  I love you.

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