Family, Comfort, Celebrations…Together

September 25, 2011

Family, Home

Fall.  It’s time for nesting…settling in, getting ready for winter and snuggling.  Today seems to be the day to launch the Autumnal nesting at my house.

Mike went to the church 90th anniversary luncheon with Mel.  I seized the opportunity to stay at home and get some stuff done.  First I watched two tivo’d episodes of Pioneer Woman on the Food Channel.  That inspired me to fix pot roast and blackberry cobbler for dinner.  My grandson informed me the cobbler smelled “amazing” and he “planned to eat the entire thing himself”.  Kristin stopped in to cut his hair and has been making numerous remarks as to how good the pot roast smells.  Did she want an invitation to dinner maybe?  Probably.  Unfortunately I didn’t make enough for three more dinner guests.  There’s a loaf of cheese/herb bread rising as we speak.  Too bad the weather isn’t just a bit more crisp.  I’d definitely go for that.

I housecleaned the living room…and am about half done with the kitchen.  I’ll finish it while the pot roast finishes.  It’s smelling better in here…it smelled dusty.  Never a good thing.  I just didn’t get a chance to dust last week (or vacuum) and with 4 dogs, that is just tragic.  The new heat pump and central has an air cleaner…hopefully it will handle the dust and dander so the house stays cleaner and Mike can breathe better.  So today’s the day to shovel it all under.

Tomorrow Walter, Mike’s hunting buddy, is coming over to pull the whole house fan out and patch the drywall where it is vented.  Thank goodness for Walt.  He’s been a great friend and a blessing.  Truly a blessing.  Now that the heat pump and central has been installed I can begin to tighten up that attic and the first step is removing the fan.  Next, replacing the pull down stairs with a weather efficient hatch.  Finally…blow in some insulation to take it up to R30.  Then I think we are about as energy efficient as we can get.   Hopefully I will see the electric bills start to come down!  I think while Walt is working I’ll do the windows inside and out.  They could use a good cleaning.

Tuesday, the bedroom while Mike is at therapy with Mel.  It’s time to get the quilts out and air them out.  After that I’ll undertake the spare bedroom and strip off the old wallpaper and paint it.  It’s to be Cameron’s room til he leaves for the Marines in January.  As soon as we move him over we’ll paint the big bedroom and move Mikey over into that.  Finally, we’ll strip the wallpaper in the master bath and paint it.  PHEW.  Where I’m going to find time to sew in there is beyond me but I am definitely planning to find some.  I need the therapy!  Hopefully all the household repairs will be done by Spring and Mike and I can just hang out in the garden and at the creek.

I’ve been checking out the Fall/Winter Longaberger stuff.  I think that always puts me in the pretty house/domestic mood.  The Crimson Hill line they’ve introduced for Fall is the perfect colorway for my living room.  I think I may need to pick up a few accessories.  For now I’m feeling like it’s sunflower season.  I’m digging out the sage and butternut pottery and the sunflower pieces.  I’ve got the sunflower linens on the table already and the pitcher filled with sunflowers.  It’s pretty.   I’m feeling like these kinds of pretty things (pretty/clean house, pretty stuff, civilized dinners) that make my heart happy are important right now.  My spirits could use a lift and this might be all it takes.  Heaven knows we are housebound more than ever before so it might as well be happy time that feels good right?

For sure it’s time to plan the family celebrations.  Truthfully, I was planning not to do a big Thanksgiving or Christmas.  In retrospect I think it will be important to do so.  Who knows how many more we will have together?  For now I’ve got the menus and the table setting for both the big holidays planned.   First though…we need to plan the celebration of Mike’s 61st birthday mid October.  I think he will love having everybody together in the same place at the same time making a fuss over him.  Can’t wait to celebrate it….

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2 Comments on “Family, Comfort, Celebrations…Together”

  1. Beckie Says:

    Sounds like you have things progressing well. A change in weather and refreshing the decor does something for one’s spirit. Your blackberry cobbler would have me running over for a bite, if it weren’t for the miles. My mother always made the most wonderful cobblers.


    • rsmallen Says:

      Hey Beckie! Nice to hear from you. The cobbler was good. Though not what you probably are familiar with for cobbler. Just a cuppa (self rising) flour, a cuppa sugar, a cuppa milk, a stick of butter. Mix it up, put it in a buttered dish, dot it with blackberrys, top with a quarter cuppa sugar and bake. Simple as can be…but yummy. Cameron wasn’t familiar with blackberries…or all the seeds. I expect he’d like it better with peaches or apples or blueberries. Might have to try it that way. Oh…I never have self rising flour in the house so I just doctor all purpose with baking powder and salt.


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