Happiness is healing…

October 6, 2011

Family, Health, Mike

On the way to the doc’s office today (yes, there is mild, very mild, COPD.  No meds for it at this time.  Just watch it.  Since it didn’t appear before the cardiac arrest and all the pneumonia/vent/mrsa/respiratory failures, it is probably due to that. )  I asked Mike my usual question.

“Honey, have I told you yet today?”  When he asked “What”, I almost gave my usual response….”what do I tell you a million times a day that you like to hear?”   Meaning, “I love you”.

Instead, I asked, “What is it you like for me to tell you and would like to hear right now?”

His answer?    “Do I make you happy?”   Wow.  (BTW, I think that is higher order cognition…)  My response was a resounding, “YES!  Every minute of every day you make me happy honey.”  And then I explained all the ways.  He beamed.

He beams still tonight…and remembers that we had that conversation, which amazes since all the I loves you’s did NOT get retained.

Moral of the story?  Tell the people in your life that they make you happy…regularly.  It’s healing.

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