A New Fave

October 16, 2011


Ricecookers.  How the heck did I live without one all these years?  I bought one…back not long before Mike got sick.  And then in a fit of buyer’s remorse instigated by the scorn of my kiddies, especially Chef Mikey, I stashed it in a cupboard and forgot about it.  Last night I needed rice…for an army…and had only long grain converted rice in the house.  No Minute Rice.  No Success Rice.  I estimated I needed 15-20 cups of rice for all the people and all the chili…and who the heck has a pot THAT size unless you are in a commercial kitchen?  To make matters worse, I forgot to turn it on to cook and then realized…while kicking my posterior….that it takes about 60 minutes.  UGH.  The cornbread was in the oven and due to be done in 25. 

In a moment of (unusual lately) clarity I remembered the brand spanking new rice cooker stashed away out of sight in a cupboard.  Out it came and on went the quest for the instruction book.  Found it…PHEW!   In went 10 cups of dry rice and water to the fill line with the promise of 20 cups of fluffy, separate, cooked grains of rice.  But no estimate of how long it would take.  Something in my brain made me recall 20 minutes.  I don’t know why I retained that trivia and I was sure it was incorrect.  The kids, especially Chef Mikey, told me I was having a moment and not a good one.  No rice takes 20 minutes.  HMPH. 

Guess what?  20 minutes later.  Fluffy, hot, not sticky, separate grains of rice were the end product when the light on the cooker blinked from cook to warm.  I was definitely having a little moment then, and if my sciatica were not having its own moment, might have danced around the rice cooker and the kitchen.  Which would have been a different kind of moment so we won’t go there. 

Bottom line?  Rice Cookers.  (They do much more than rice.  I’m thinking about trying rice pudding this morning.)  Don’t cook without one.  Mine’s Wolfgang Puck.  I imagine there are others.  But the bottom line is, it saved my butt last night and now that I know it actually works as advertised, I’ll be using it lots.  You will too.  If you have one I mean.  Or get one.  That’s it.  Over and out.    





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One Comment on “A New Fave”

  1. Dann Bennett Says:

    I was skeptical, but rice cookers DO work! I had been using boiling-bags for so long (yes, I’m a bachelor), that I couldn’t find the rice-pot that I bought in the Philippines. I tried cooking some JASMINE RICE on my sisters rice cooker. . . I’m not going back to the b-bags! I had forgotten how good this stuff is. . .


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