All Hallow’s Eve….

October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!  We had a ton of ghosts, goblins, pirates,princesses and puppies this year and the kids (for a change) were primarily little kids.  No candy panhandling big kids this year, just tons of cute little ones.  How about at your house?  Mike was looking forward to seeing all the kids so we were outside with a heap of candy in a bowl, bundled up in fleece and quilts, sitting on the front porch, waiting for the kiddos.   He didn’t have to wait too long and he surely wasn’t disappointed.   He chuckled over and over at their little thank you’s and their trick or treats.  He was so gentle with the little ones as he helped them to help themselves.  It was so weird to see…not so very long ago he refused to have anything to do with Trick or Treat and didn’t want much to do with little kids either.  It’s intriguing to get to know this new person I’ve been married to for almost 32 years now…and comforting to still find much of the old person I’ve been married to in there as well. 

Tonight I pointed out to Mike that with Halloween over now we would need to prepare for Thanksgiving.  He looked a little blank so I elaborated and mentioned that it was a feast day, one where we gave thanks for all we’re grateful for.  That this year would be particularly meaningful for our family because we would all be so grateful to be able to celebrate it with him.  I asked if he had any feast day menu preferences and his eyes lit up as he responded “Pizza!”  Pizza seems to be his new fave and the object of his desire for all feasts.  The traditional menu for Thanksgiving was no longer accessible to his memory…though with some queuing he recalled it pretty quickly.  

We drove clear to Newtown today…a pretty drive normally.  Today it was a landscape strewn with downed trees and tree limbs on every block through Allentown and over the mountain.  Most street lights were out.  Lanes of traffic were shut down as utility companies worked on downed wires.  Our community was pretty lucky by comparison.  There were some downed tree limbs in the neighborhood but we have electric which is always a good thing at our house.  None of us would be good inhabitants on Gilligan’s Island and to do the Gilligan thing in Podunk PA where it is kind of cold just now is unthinkable.  I think we’re spoiled.  While the snow was lovely while it lasted, it is too early for it, it was very wet and heavy, and there was a ton of damage to so many communities!  I’ve seen some lovely pastoral photos taken though…some that have this neat juxtaposition of green, green grass, brilliant red and yellow leaves and the icy cold of the snow.  

I was pretty unhappy the other day to notice that Mike’s bedsore was looking kind of funny again.  By Sunday it was opened up.  It’s been 8 weeks since it has been healed and I really thought that he was off it enough to keep it safe and sound.  I mean, he is nowhere near as active as he had been, but he’s not laying in one position all the time …nor is he sitting all the time.  So I don’t know why we’re having a problem with it again.  It’s quite disturbing really…and  I am hoping it is as simple as an abrasion from scratching.  In my heart I know though, that it’s from pressure.  The skin is so tender and he’s gotten so bony…he’s never had much butt…that the tail bone is right under the skin there.  The least pressure is going to open it I think.  I don’t know if there is a permanent solution…but he will be seeing the wound healing center again next Tuesday (the earliest they could fit him in!)    I’m dressing it daily again and hoping that no infection sets in.  Pressure ulcers are a nasty business when they are as bad as his was.  I am not anxious to relive those days so I sincerely hope it is merely an abrasion. 

Monday night football is winding down and so is my energy.  It’s time to say goodnight moon in my mind as I did so often over the years with the kids and goodnight to all of you.   




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