7 Days Til Christmas….

December 18, 2011


So maybe I am finally getting a little Christmas cheer?  I’m contemplating the tree and the potential to raise it up and decorate it today.  This is a job I view as detestable.  Almost as detestable as turd chasing.  I like it well enough when it’s done.  I want it up for a very short time…and usually the kids wanted it up the day after Thanksgiving and then Mike wanted it up till Orthodox New Year.  Do you know when Orthodox New Year is?  January 14 or so.  I know you know when Thanksgiving is…so you know it’s up a long time.  For a girl who doesn’t like dusty untidiness and disorder, I reckon you know that tree worked on my last nerve for a number of years. But this year the kids are mostly gone and Mikey is indifferent to long periods of tree.  If up to him to help to decorate, there would be a picture of a tree (he is truly his mother’s twin!)  Mike has no real perception of dates or memory of the date of Orthodox New Year.  I reckon I could put it up this weekend…take it down the 1st and nobody would be unhappy.  I’d really like to put it up Saturday…or better yet, have Santa put it up Saturday and I just wake up to see it there in the morning but Santa lacks the wherewithall this year.

  Now I know this seems foreign to those of you who are Christmas tree and decoration lovers.  Truthfully.  I am too.  I am just not in love with doing the decorating.  I have such an aversion to it, I hired a lady to do it for me one year.  I was happiest about the decorating that year.  It looked like a magazine layout, didn’t cost all that much, and was soooo simple.  I made a lot of money that year.  It isn’t happening on pension, that I can tell you.  So if it’s to be, it’s up to me.  Maybe I’ll be putting it up today.  Maybe.   Then again, maybe I’ll find a nice quilt with a Christmas Tree I could hang up instead.  Or make one for next year with battery operated lights in it.  Hmmm. 

I’m also wanting to eat a few Christmas cookies.  Not many, mind you.  A few.  I got my sister-in-law to give me my mother-in-law’s Kiffles recipe.  They are the best I’ve ever eaten.  Truly light, they melt in your mouth.  I don’t even mind the walnut filled ones.  She was a great baker!  Mel also gave me the recipe for Pecan Tassies.  I love those things! My MIL called them nut tassies or just tassies and may have used walnuts which I detest about as much as Christmas decorating.  I like pecans well enough so I call them Pecan Tassies…and fill accordingly.  Mine were ok when I made them.  This year, armed with Anna’s recipe, I am sure I will be happier with them.  She had a secret ingredient.  One I’d never, ever have guessed.  And then something called “Kossack Kisses” which my other sister-in-law Mickey made.  Oh.  My fave.  Little round melt in your mouth balls with finely ground nuts.  Rolled in powedered sugar.  TO DIE FOR!  I think they are like what some call Russian Tea Cakes/Cookies or something.  Boy are they good!  Then the usual Tollhouse, Peanut Butter, Chocolate w peanut butter chips.  A batch a day of each ought not to kill me…and Mike can help.  We’ll finish them up Christmas Eve.  I remember last year.  I baked and baked.  Mike ate and ate them.  Then he ended up with a blocked coronary artery.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should just be lazy and skip the baking this year.  Or buy some at the bakery.  At the current price of nuts this year, it can’t be much more expensive than homemade. 

Well, all this ruminating over whether or not to decorate will certainly eliminate all possibility of it happening.  Guess I better get busy!



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