Farewell to 2011

December 29, 2011

Health, Mike

December 29, 2011…and this year is (mercifully) drawing to an end.  Maybe I should have titled this entry Good riddance 2011!   I look forward to 2012 and hope it is far less eventful than this year, thank you very much!  We seem to be cruising out of this year almost on a cloud.  Things on the home front are pretty normal at this point, really. 

Yes, of course, we have the nights (like two nights ago) when Mike is not sure we are at home and wonders when we are going home.  Finally, in the light of morning, he realizes we are home and rests.  I find these are nights when he has been overly tired…perhaps from not wearing his CPAP the night before.  And we have the occasional lapse of memory or timing…but overall, there are days when Mike’s memory seems quite reasonable for somebody with little memory…and he seems almost his old self.   His heart rate and blood pressure are still holding up in spite of being off powerful drugs for three weeks now, so my fingers remain crossed for the best.  The bedsore scar seems to have healed completely, there is no further breakdown and no complaints that it burns…so I think we’ve got it healed completely inside this time.  Truly.  Life’s good.  It’s all good. 

I woke Mike up this morning bright and early so we could go on a Robventure.  He’s accustomed to my spontaneous decisions to go off on this or that adventure…and seems not to have forgotten them.  Delighted to get out of the house, even a Robventure didn’t bother him much today.  We went down to West Chester to snag a couple of absolutely, drop dead, gorgeous Ethan Allen wing chairs. 

Do you think I have enough wing chairs already?  I do now.  These two are for me.  The “new” wing chair for Mike makes the style of the existing chair unsuitable for the room…and it cried out for another wing.  Well, that became a pair of wings…in a fabric so delicate and feminine without being cloying that I could not resist.  The room is so masculine, designed around men and boys and dogs that these were for my soul.  I spend a lot of time in this room now and I needed something soft for my eyes.  (And straight for my sciatica!).  Since I was once again shopping Craigslist and had specific requirements, I  figured it would take a while to find the right chair.  Bingo.  Fast.  There was a pair.  So off we went on my Robventure…Mike, Teddy (our very spoiled mini schnauzer) and me in the Edge.  I snagged the chairs indeed, shoehorned both in the back of the Edge, and lugged them inside myself.  I feared my son would tell me he was done moving furniture and they’d stay in the car…so I was determined to get them in the house before he got home.  I did.  they look lovely.  Teddy has declared the seat of one his own personal throne.  We’ll quell that little habit tomorrow. 

We talked at length on the way to West Chester about the Eat To Live diet, its radical approach, the rationale behind why I think Mike and I should both try it.  Mike understood…and surprisingly agreed to give it the old college try come Jan 2.  When I explained to our son what the new dietary plan is for his dad and me, he was sure Mike had not agreed.  He questioned him at length.  Dad, do you know what this means.  Dad, you’re not going to miss meat, cheese, pierogies, sour cream and sugar?  Dad you really agreed to do this?  Mike, hours after the initial conversation, said, “I’m in with this.”  Now we both know he’s not “into it”…he is doing it because he is less into another blockage/heart attack.  To me it is pretty marvelous he could comprehend the entire discussion today, the medical rationale, the inevitable outcomes of continuing to eat as he had been and then hang onto that information till this evening.  I expect by Jan 2 he’ll be asking, “Where’s the beef???”    

Since life has settled down considerably, I’ve found time to engage in some of my hobbies again.  Mike likes TV.  Specifically, Mike likes the Military Channel and anything about War.  Any war.  Military History.  I don’t.  But I do still need to be close by to him as he cannot be without supervision.  He’s pretty impulsive at times!  (well, I am too…but nobody sees the need to supervise me…maybe they should when I think about it !)    Anyway.  I digress.  The house has never been tidier.  I’ve grown truly bored with all that.  As hobbies go, housecleaning doesn’t even make my list.  Sewing does…and I’ve been doing a bit more of that while Mike sleeps in the morning, starting on quilts for next year’s Christmas gifts.  Genealogy is way up there at the top of the list.  I’ve been doing more of that and even started my Ancestry subscription again to see what new info is out there.

Surprisingly, there has been some new data.  I managed to turn up a descendant of my great grand aunt…a woman I’ve never met.  Yet I’ve researched the family so much and have located so many elderly cousins who knew these ancestors that I almost feel I know them.  In any case, I’m thrilled to have found another descendant who will be able to fill in some blanks relative to dates and burial locations and hopefully will be able to offer new insights into the people, their lives and maybe even photos, though those old photos are so hard to come by so I’m not all that hopeful there.  I’m just thrilled to have found more kin.  Small things thrill me…I tell you…I’m really a pretty simple girl!  

Read some interesting research today.  It seems that the brain learns best, or well, when it is surprised with new information.  Studies are likely to be undertaken to determine what portions of the brain are engaged differently during surprise than ordinary learning to see how and if this can help TBI and Stroke sufferers.   I guess it’s important to the scientists to understand the mechanics.  The mechanics don’t really interest me.  Just the outcomes, the results.  I’ve got to ponder this whole topic and read the article a couple more times to figure out strategies to use this surprise discovery to try to get Mike re-learning  some things.  I don’t figure it can hurt.  And if it helps, I’ll expand the trial.  But first I better figure out wha the trial will be.  Something else to do while the Military Channel drones on and on in my ear….

We’re doing well, really we are.   I won’t write again before the 1st…so here’s to wishing you all the Happiest of New Years, the safest of New Years Eves.  I also want to thank you all for caring for us all year…for holding us in your hearts, your thoughts and your prayers.  You’ve sustained me and kept me sane.  You all mean so much to me…

And here’s the naughty Teddy, curled up on my new wing chair…

Teddy The Terrorist



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