Good Morning Mike!

February 19, 2012


I can’t be quite sure what the explanation for this is, but after 62 years of sleeping until noon whenever possible, this morning I woke up at 5 to find my sweet husband in the bathroom, lights on, cabinet doors open and searching.  5 am is not new to me…it’s my usual wakeup time assuming I’ve gotten to bed at my usual, preferred hour…which is 9 pm.  Yeah I know.  I lead a boring life.  This morning I was a bit tired because there was a Movie And An Officer on the Military Channel last night.  They play that movie back to back every Saturday night (a new one, I mean, each Sat night) and, since Mike can’t remember watching the movie the first time, when they announce the second showing he thinks he is seeing it for the first time.  (It would take far more repetition than only two viewings for it to be driven into his hippocampus and out into the rest of the memory banks).

But I got side tracked there…sorry.  When I asked what he was looking for, he told me “foam  for…” and his voice trailed off as he mimed washing his face.  I had failed to follow through when I tried to get him to open a box of Neutrogena pump soap for the sink the evening before.  OK, there’s the box Mike, let’s get one out.  But really?  You are ready to get washed up for the day and get your day going?  Yes.  Really Mike because I am still pretty tired?  Yep, he told me, he was ready and I should go back to sleep.  Of course this begged the question, So Mike, what will you be doing while I am snoozing?  Mike shrugged his shoulders.  Knowing this could only bode disaster, I figured tired or not, it was time to start the day.  So here I am, it’s 8:30 am, Mike is wide awake and watching (you guessed it) the Military Channel.  I’m going to get him moving in just a few minutes.  He can help me dust, vacuum and polish the kitchen counters.  Then we can head downstairs to the bedroom and repeat it all there…and throw some laundry in too.  It’s a beautiful day, hopefully it will warm up and if it does maybe we’ll take a walk after a nap.  If I am not too exhausted from all the housecleaning antics.

I’m doing something new with Mike.  I’m trying him on an oral, medical food, called CerAxon.  Mike’s niece does communications work for various companies, and the manufacturer/developer of CerAxon is one of her clients.  She brought it to our attention.  It’s basically (to the best of my non-chemist ability to explain it) a natural compound that helps to develop Phosphatidylcholine from choline…a B vitamin and water soluble.  Choline is an important “nutrient” in memory and muscle control and  essential in your diet to cell membranes and neurotransmitters.  Unfortunately, you get it mostly in eggs and fatty meats…contraindicated in Mike’s diet for sure.  So anyway.  There have been studies done in stroke patients where CerAxon has been used twice daily for six weeks and they have seen improvements in various aspects of stroke recovery relative to orientation, functional improvement in recovery of ADL, improved executive function recovery…attention, memory…all affected by neurotransmitters which have been interrupted by stroke (or brain injury, or other ischemia).

Now the studies, I think, have been used primarily in the early stages of brain injury or stroke recovery.  We are certainly beyond the early stages.  But I think, since all the neuropsychiatrists have told me the brain has the ability to continue to improve and learn for life…well after the one year honeymoon period the medical community once thought…it’s worth trying.  I’ll keep you posted if I see improvements and changes.  Since his progress is up one day and down the next, simply having consistent levels of cognition would be a significant improvement..improved memory and focus would be a huge bonus!  Today is day one.  We’ll see what happens as the days march by.

My early bird is snoozing in the chair.  Hmph.  The point of a 5 am awakening?  Who knows.  I guess it’s time to polish counters, dust…and then turn on the vacuum.  I suspect the nap will be short lived.


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