March 14, 2012


Ahhh.  It’s finally here.  The lovely weather makes the rest of the dreariness in life somehow more bearable for me.  Yes, each of the dogs is suffering from some sort of intestinal bug so every morning I wake up to a little mess to clean up.  And yes, it seems Mike is having one of those periods of set back.  But I can throw the windows open, have coffee on the deck, and otherwise feel ALIVE!  Good bye winter blues. 

So, the Mike update.  He had been doing really well with increases to long term memory and creating new memories.  Once again I tried to reduce his Zoloft dosage in the hope we can take him off the Zoloft altogether.  Whether it is coincidental to that lowered dosage or not, there’s been a change again.  First day after the lowered dosage he felt tired and sad and slept all day.  The next day people and things he had been regularly remembering were lost to him again.  The other night I showed him a photo of the kids and grands on my pc and asked if he would like me to print him a copy (he likes to keep photos by his table and looks over them throughout the day…kind of a perseveration) I printed it and handed it to him and pointed out to him who each person on the photo was. He looked at it, looked up at me and asked, “Who are these people?”  Our daughter Lara he though was his sister Annie…who is really his niece.  SIGH.  He’s back on the full dosage.  I hope I will start to see him bouncing back today.  I’m telling the doc in April I am unwilling to attempt this dosage reduction again.  Oddly enough, his memory does weird things.  While he couldn’t remember the kids on a photo, he can speak (badly) Ukrainian, a language he never spoke, but is the first language he ever heard and what my sister-in-law would try speaking to him when he was in the coma thinking it might be something he’d recognize on a very visceral level.  Apparently it is there on a very visceral level.  She was telling him about an old friend the other day and how he had lost his house.  Mike was speaking to her and she couldn’t tell what he was saying until it dawned on her..in bad Ukrainian he was asking where the friend lives now.  

We leave on March 28 to go to Parris Island to see Cameron graduate. Mike thinks he needs to wear his Navy uniform.  I didn’t think he could, but I’ve looked up the regs and it seems he can.  He’s retired, it’s a military ceremony with a parade.  I hope I’m right.  Dan are you reading this?  Am I??  I’m thinking about how hot it will be.  And thinking about trying to figure out where the heck all the medals and ribbons are.  But it seems to mean a lot to him so I’m going to try to make it happen.  He tells me he will recognize who is and who isn’t an officer when he is on base and will know when to salute and if he SHOULD salute.  I hope so. A friend’s daughter is home on leave next week from Bahrain as she is transferring to California.  She is coming over to make sure I have everything together right and I am sure will tell me where the medals and ribbons go.  Watch for photos and video in early April.  I plan on taking loads of photos of both Cam and Mike!   For now though, it’s back to the quilting table.  I’m furiously working on Cam’s Marine Corps graduation quilt…which I have no hope of finishing in time, but hope to by the end of his leave.  SIGH.

 Have a GREAT day in the beautiful weather…it is truly gorgeous out there today. 

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