I Was There…for Cheryl

June 21, 2012


Did you know that Josh Turner has a new cd out?  Now I don’t know if you particularly like country music as I do or not…but you need to listen to the track called I Was There on the cd Punching Bag. 

Phew!  That song never ceases to rock my world.  It fills my soul it touches my heart it lets me remember what my knees are for and fills me with the promise that I am never alone..and no matter how bad things are there is something and somebody bigger than me that is with me and can carry me through it. 

I hear it and I immediately go back to that day last year in the waiting room of the cath lab when the docs told me Mike would likely not surive and I shut my eyes and said, “God you don’t want him.  I’m not done with him.  Leave him here with me I need him and you do not…not yet.  I know it won’t be perfect, I know he will be different and it’ll be hard but I’ll deal.  Just leave him here please.”   I was filled with an inner peace, a strength then…a calm…and I knew.  I just knew that it was going to be ok.   And when I remember, and when I hear it, and when I am reminded that He is ever present and ever faithful and He DOES answers prayers, I weep…in gratitude and in awe. 

Now it doesn’t hurt that Josh’s voice is silky smooth and the music is powerfully done either.  It’s a good tune…with a powerful message.  The last line says, “If you’re feeling alone look up, I’m the one who answers prayers.  And I’m always there.”  

So remember to look up!  Thinking of you gf!! 

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