Spring Nesting

March 12, 2013

Gardening, Home, Mike, Veterans Benefits

Phew!  It’s almost a year since my last post.  In that time Mike’s VA disability claim was finalized and he is now a disabled Vet.  It’s a big weight off my mind…if something happens to me, there are resources available to take care of him, and that is a huge comfort.  And speaking of Mike, he’s doing well!  His physical condition is pretty decent.  Memory is gone, there is dementia like confusion….but his quality of life is pretty darned good!  And we are glad he is with us still.  After spending two years since Mike’s cardiac arrest caring for him, working the VA claim and otherwise licking my wounds and grieving, I’ve decided it’s time to get a grip and seize back our lives from that grim precipice we’ve been teetering on.  Spring must truly be moving me.

To that end I’ve been spring housecleaning.  Insofar as that hasn’t been done in a few years it is an even more odious task than usual.  But I DO love a clean house…somehow that desire for a clean and orderly nest is deeply patterned in my DNA.  Mike remembers…without a clean house I am “a crabby babby”  It’s therapeutic though, to clean.  You truly feel you’ve accomplished something when it smells clean and everything glows.  I’m getting there.  It takes much longer to houseclean a room than it used to take me, that’s for sure.  But I do a bit each day.  Today I am learning the folly of my ways in waxing a wooden table that’s been neglected for a few years and wasn’t clean enough first.  Or maybe somebody used Pledge like stuff while I was busy keeping my head in the sand.  All I know is that feeding it fine wax softened up some kind of goopy stuff (the finish?  I sure hope not!) which now must be scrubbed off before I can re-wax it.  SIGH. I was all set to wax the kitchen cabinets when I discovered it.  Now I am afraid.  I think maybe I better scrub them a bit harder.  Though it would surely be easier to just build a new kitchen myself I think! When you realize I know less than nothing about power tools…or non power tools for that matter…that’s saying something!  Still, I need to get on it and get this inside work done.  The few days of early Spring weather have been luring me outside.  I want to spend as much time outside as possible before the heat of summer…and so does Mike.

I recently had 6 ft vinyl privacy fence installed around the perimeter of the back and side yards.  The primary purpose is to devise some security for Mike.  He wakes up at night, packs his belongings, and wants to go home.  I worry I won’t hear him and wake up and he could wander out the door and wander away.  There’s an undeniable benefit in that I can simply put the dogs out in the yard and not be with them every second.  That’s a biggie.  But another benefit is that Mike has a safe place he can go to now without me being along.  It gives him a bit of independence.  Now, instead of me having to be right at his side, he can go out, sit down and get away from me if he feels the need.  I’m not sure which is the biggest benefit the fence provides!

Meanwhile, between taking down all the shrubs to make way for the fence, the actual construction, the dogs running on the yard continuously, the rain…we have a mud slip and slide.  A barren, mud, slip and slide.  I’ll post some photos tomorrow when the sun comes out.  You’ll see the fence…and the desolate landscape.  And I’ll keep posting pics.  Because, in addition to housecleaning, I’m sprucing up the yard.  I’m thinking shrubs on the slope.  Shrubs that the dogs can’t destroy.  I’m thinking more shrubs along the fence to soften it.  I’m thinking big.  For a small yard.  I’m thinking oasis. Lush, mass, naturalistic planting drifts.   I’m thinking PRIVATE…from the privacy fence!!  I’m thinking outdoor kitchen and container plants kind of thing on the hot tub slab.   I’m thinking Joanne Kostecky!!  LOL  It’ll take a long time to phase this in.  Maybe in fall it’ll be done.  I’ll have til then to finish the housecleaning.  Keep watching for photos as it evolves, it’s an exciting time for me!

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