The Short List

April 9, 2013


What a fabulous day it is today!  Spring is here and I am reveling in it.  For the first time in a couple years I can actually see Spring and take the time to breathe and enjoy it.  Mike was up unusually early today and we had coffee on the deck with the breeze blowing over us.  I used to tell him (as I justified the expense of the pricey Trex deck…) one day we’d be retired and we’d sit outside on the deck, drink coffee, he could go on his merry hunting/fishing way for the day and we’d meet up  on the deck again at the end of the day for dinner.  Well, that day has come albeit without the hunting and fishing piece.  I reminded him of it and of course the memory of that conversation has slipped from his memory banks.  But I asked if he knew the Month since the season was definitely Spring…and he didn’t, so I quickly pointed out La would come tomorrow for her birthday dinner…so now could he say what the month or date was?  He told me it must be April because her birthday is April 10.  And I was thrilled.  His memory hasn’t caught up to Mikey’s birth and remembering the birthday yet…but he’s made so much progress!

I’m still waiting for my landscape designer to finish…and remind myself that good things come to those who wait.  So I am trying to wait patiently.  I know it will be lovely when it gets here and ultimately it’s allowing me to add to the landscaping fund as I wait…but like other things, I want it NOW.  LOL.  One day I will develop patience.  I promise.  Meanwhile, I tried not to look at the barren earth and put all thoughts of the coming rain (and mud!) out of my mind.

As I wait for landscaping dreams to come to fruition, I decided to march on with my interior to do list.  The necessary dry wall work is about done, the wished for drywall work to be done.  The paint is awaiting a painter in the upstairs bedrooms.  I realized today that we expect 80 degree weather this week.  Yes, it cools down, but 80 nonetheless.  It reminded me that attic insulation is on my short list.  I called Holencik insulation yesterday and got an appointment for an estimate today.

While waiting I got it into my noggin that a sun tunnel would be a good idea.  Mark Holencik agreed!  Soooo…coming soon to my house, one stairwell sun tunnel and R60 in the attic.  Come on summer sun and winter cold!  I’ll be ready!!  I was really pleased with Mark in this initial visit and the work of his company comes highly recommended.  He’s the kind of business man that you feel good about doing business with…a gift…since there are few enough that you feel good to be doing business with any more.  He gives of himself to folks on his Facebook and blog as he chronicles his very human journey to make his way through the life he’s been given.  He has much to say…has written a book…and hopes to help others through his journey.  An honorable man…a good man.  I dunno.  I’m liking it, a lot.  You might want to check it out and if you’re in my area and need roofing, insulation etc, check out the business.

Meanwhile, although my short list gets shorter, it remains a pretty long list.  I remarked to Mike this morning that by the time it’s done I’ll be too old to enjoy it.  I take comfort in knowing one of the kids will…



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