Catching Up!

August 9, 2015

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It’s been two years since I’ve visited here and posted. Two years spent in reflection and reconciliation. And lookee here! I’ve come out on the other side relatively unscathed.

Mike is doing well physically. Unfortunately his motor planning skills have been dramatically affected and he is in a wheel chair most of the time. To accommodate it we are now living in a new house…out in the country and much more handicap accessible. A few changes need to be made…some have already been made but we have it under control! It is a much bigger house and afforded all our little birdies to return to the nest…which in many ways is a good thing as it is great to have help with Mike!

I’ve been nursing a bad knee for a couple years now…two falls did not leave me with much to work with! I sat and reflected. And reconciled. And nursed my knee. Right straight into a useless and limping state. And boyy oh boy, the weight I gained. PHEW! So I’ve been doing aquatic therapy three times a week in a heated pool….and now I’m taking Mike too. I bought a NuStep, I joined the gym and go three times a week, and I just bought a new Total Gym. I’m determined to get the weight off and the knee rehabbed. 13 lbs down so far. A vast number to go. Stick with me here! I need encouragement!!



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2 Comments on “Catching Up!”

  1. D.C. Bennett Says:

    Fitness is measured by endurance, strength and flexibility. Humans have an understandable need to measure their progress in any endeavor. “Weight” is easier to measure than percentage of body fat composition, or lean body mass. It is however a dubious measure of health or fitness. Get a professional to measure your percentage of body fat. Meanwhile work with your P/T and/ or trainer to set and measure (safe attainable) levels of endurance, strength and flexibility. This is important because muscle weighs more than fat.
    I think you will find that your weight will stabilize where it needs to be when you attain a healthy percentage of body fat composition. This will happen naturally as you achieve your goals of increased strength, endurance and flexibility.
    The great disadvantage of this is that it will make for more typing on your blog post!!!
    I continue to hold both of you in my prayers and intentions.


    • rsmallen Says:

      Thanks for keeping us in your heart Dan! I’ll tell you. It’s a journey… this weight thing. I’ve joined LVHN’s Supported Weight Management program. Nutritional via a RD, Physical via an Exercise Physiologist, and behavorial via a Psychologist. I also see an Exercise Physiologist at the gym at Good Shepherd, and the PT’s are supervising the pool so even though I am discharged from therapy, I work my knee exercises in the pool 3x week anyway. I really think the exercise is a huge piece of the battle. Mike always said “well Robbie, if we are working like lumberjacks we can eat like lumberjacks”. I’m guessing Paul Bunyan didn’t do as much sitting as I’ve been doing! My daughter is a vegetarian (vegan maybe?). She lives at home. She has taken over meal planning from my son the chef. It’s an interesting change and a Much healthier way to eat though she DOES give us some fish and poultry. So. It’s a journey. The RD would like me to count calories….which I don’t do since I am eating primarily raw unprocessed foods and in moderation. Trying NOT to be married to the scale. Good advice from you my friend. Trying to stay the course….it’s a choice, a lifestyle. Not a diet.


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