Nana’s House is my house….me…Robin.  Yep.  Me.  It’s so nice to meet you.  I’m not your typical Nana. No, no June Cleaver look alikes here.  Not Aunt Bea either.  I was way too young to be a Nana when my first grandson, Cameron, was born.  I told my daughter that too, but in her typical fashion, she didn’t listen.  Now I have two grandsons, Cameron and his younger brother Justin.  I also have three kids, Kristin (the boys mom), Lara and Michael.  All are grown.  All, like boomerangs, have come home to Mama and Papa because the economic stimulus package hasn’t been too stimulating just yet.  Oh, and last but definitely not least, Papa is my long suffering husband Mike.  We live here in Podunk, Pa. where Mike was born and thinks it’s the center of the Universe and where I have grown accustomed to being planted (more or less).     

You’ll find lots to amuse you here.  My somewhat irreverant and sardonic view of politics, my Pollyannaish views on people, my love of creating things and my garden and my distaste for most things domestic.  All are fair game and fodder for the blog.  On those days that I blog and bore even myself you’ll still be amused.  And I hope you’ll comment on those days and remind me to go and take an aspirin or something.

So what do we do here at Nana’s house in Podunk, Pa?  I bemoan the lack of peace and quiet that I had looked forward to in my retirement.    Truthfully, it’s like a 3 ring circus…and all the rings are going simultaneously and I’m the Ring Master.  Hmmm.  Ring Master Robin.  I like the sound of it.

Want to contact me by email?  Here you go:  rsmallen@rcn.com or itsewyou@yahoo.com


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